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Summer Trip Tips

If we had been told a year ago that we would be writing a blog about going on holiday this summer, we wouldn’t have believed it. After months of being locked down at home and with restrictions lifting, everyone seems to be desperately planning vacations, staycations and day trips in between!

If you’re looking to be an all-round more conscious traveller and unsure where to start, here are a few tips a little birdie told us about that we are taking on board…please excuse the pun.

Reusable water bottles
Long journeys call for rehydration, so fill your bottle with coffee, water…or wine (we won’t judge).
We love: Chilly’s refill X

Solar powered chargers
When your devices are running on empty and you don’t have access to an electricity point, plug into a solar powered charger and voila! Perfect for *happy* campers.
We love: BigBlue 3

Reef-safe sunscreen
Chemical UVA and UVB filters have been connected to coral reef deterioration so, to help keep ocean life happy, check out a more environmentally friendly brand of sun block.  
We love: Salt & Stone

Tote bag
We always carry a tote, an easy carryall that is used for our purse, lunch, kids’ toys, beach towel (you get the gist).
We love: HERD The Eye 100

Tiny toiletries
Instead of buying new toiletries for the trip, decant your usual smellies into travel sized bottles. Sustainable and stylish, yes please.
We love: Our blue bottle minis

Support local
Local produce, local attractions, local cafes and pubs - you name it. Not only does it promise better taste and better service, but you’ll be also helping to support the community’s economy…so you can enjoy it again next year too!

Once school is out, we’re off to the west country for a cream tea, cider and the craggy coastline. What about you?