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A mix of meaningful - and sometimes meaningless -
monthly musings from the team at Clean Natured.

Summer Travel Tips
If you’re looking to be an all-round more conscious traveller and unsure where to start, here are a few tips a little birdie told us about that we are taking on board…please excuse the pun.
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Secondhand Shopping
Did you know that 73% of used clothes are sent to landfill or incinerated? One man’s ‘trash’ is another man’s treasure and second-hand clothing is no exception. We love browsing preloved garms and bagging a bargain. Here are a few outlets we frequent. 
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Housekeeping hacks
If you want to escape the chill and finally start the spring clean you’ve been putting off for weeks (we hear you), we’ve put together a little list of life-changing hacks for you…
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Springtime Scoff
A few of our favourite picks for spring-inspired recipes.
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A handful of gifts we’d love to receive this Valentine’s Day... or any day in fact!
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Clean Natured was founded in 2016 by Alice Chillman. 
Here we take five to find out a little more about the mind behind it all.